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Assessment of needs within the framework of the project “Media and Science in the MENA Region”

Back in December 2020 the Goethe-Institut contracted a study into the environment for science journalism in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Mauritania, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan and Yemen were in the study’s scope. Initially the study was designed as an internal working paper in order to implement the measures in the project “Media and Science in the MENA Region” according to the needs of the future participants, but we believe that the study offers added value to a broader audience and decided to make it available to all interested parties. Not only does the paper provide a first, but representative insight into the education, interests, and knowledge of science journalists and their educational interests and needs. It also demonstrates the importance of science journalism as an editorial line in publishing houses across the region. We provide this information as a download for both a regional overview and tailored to the countries that were focused upon in the study.
Should you want to use the study for your own educational or scientific purposes we would like to know more about your project and invite you to share your insights with us.  As we have conducted extensive educational programmes in Egypt ourselves, we decided not to include Egypt in the study. If you have any questions, we welcome your feedback: Media-and-Science-Cairo@goethe.de