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The Garden as an Environmental and Cultural Factory

The Garden as an Environmental and Cultural Factory
Alex Barnica © Goethe Insitut

As a city surrounded by desert, Mauretania’s capital Nouakchott suffers from a dramatic lack of green space. This makes it necessary to maintain and develop the few green areas that do exist in the city. Drawing on the collective imagination of the Sahara population, it becomes evident that green or public spaces could play a significant role in Nouakchott: The green space is perceived as a symbolic oasis, among other things, which also constitutes a home and place of peace and quiet.
The Garden as an Environmental and Cultural Factory is a project that takes the shape of an ecological park, a place of encounter and exchange of the arts and culture. Its green space will be equipped with recycled park furniture as well as cultural and artistic works, seeking to create a place that comes alive with its local people and promotes the exchange between them: Youth, women, children, and adults are all invited to create the park. The project’s goal is to provide a space where the cultural actors and citizens of Nouakchott can meet and engage on issues relating to the environment, society, and culture.
The project is implemented by Samba Soumbounou of the platform Kandara'Lab: Villes - Culture - Patrimoine.