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Plastic Building Blocks of the Future

Plastic Building Blocks of the Future
Alex Barnica © Goethe Insitut

The waste management industry poses one of the many problems facing Mauretania’s environment. On a walk through the streets of Nouakchott, plastic litter, such as bottles and bags scattered all across the pavement, dominates the view.
The project Plastic Building Blocks of the Future falls into the category of environmental protection. Public spaces are cleaned of plastic bags, which in turn are used to make “cobble stones” by means of a low-cost technique where plastic waste is melted and mixed with sand. These cobble stones can be employed to build pavements, providing pedestrians with they own clean walkways.
The overall goal of the project is to transform the cause of urban environmental destruction into an economic opportunity, while stimulating the social entrepreneurial spirit of young Mauritanians.
The project is implemented by Nango Abou Bakry Ba of te organization Coins de Production des Pavés Plastiques