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An Ecological Park for Sebkha

An Ecological Park for Sebkha
Alex Barnica © Goethe Insitut

An Ecological Park for Sebkha is a project carried out in the Commune of Sebkha in Nouakchott and entails the processing of biodegradable items.
Sebkha has several abandoned public spaces that now merely function as tips. In order to add renewed value to these places, the project aims to create an ecological park that offers numerous activities revolving around the environment, such as tree planting, recycling of used objects, training of young people on environmental protection, and supporting women’s cooperatives, all of which contribute to shaping a healthy and liveable environment.
Cultural activities of this kind foster social cohesion, as they inspire people to build solidarity around a shared ideal, that is, environmental protection. Therefore, this project not only provides the Commune with a valuable public space, but has the potential to strengthening the bond among the local population.
The project is implemented by Abdoulaye Amadou Diallo of the association Ensemble Pour un Avenir Meilleur.