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The Urban Garden

Le potager urbain
Alex Barnica © Goethe Insitut

The development of urban vegetable gardens, and urban agriculture in general, enjoy growing recognition as a lever for sustainable change in cities. Building on this idea, this project envisions the development of an urban garden as a new concept of vegetable farming. It aims to promote among the people of Nouakchott’s Sebkha Commune the idea of agroecological gardening adapted to urban surroundings as part of a sustainable lifestyle as well as social activity.
Urban gardening enables the recycling of organic waste as compost, which acts as natural fertiliser, as well as the recycling of waste that is not biodegradable, such as cans, tires or fruit creates, all of which may be reused as containers and beds in gardening work.
Aware of the many positive effects associated with urban gardening – at environmental, social, and economic levels – the Commune aims at taking full advantage of the potentials of urban agriculture.
The project is implemented by Salick Boubacar Nekhteirou.