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Violence-free Schools Egypt
Creating a violent-free society through sports

As part of a social media campaign, the Goethe-Institut Cairo is cooperating with the Egyptian swimmer and world champion Farida Osman to draw attention to the increasing problem of bullying and violence in Egyptian schools. Hereby, sports and the values that are taught through it, are used as an essential tool in order to create a tolerant and respectful coexistence among young people, thus paving the way to bringing up peaceful future generations with positive norms.

by Marie-Christine Sacher and Grigoria Kaneli

In the three-part video series Farida reveales, which positive values are attained by playing sports and how we can learn to bring out the best in ourselves, in order to become a role model for others. Only by trusting and believing in our dreams will it be possible to achieve our life goals and simultaneously inspire others to do the same.

Farida Osman 1
DLight Media © Goethe-Institut

In order to remain physically and mentally fit, it is crucial to learn how to structure our day to day lives. Farida shows us in the second video, how young people can form and establish a healthy daily routine, which leads to creating a balanced life and a peaceful coexistence with others. 
Farida Osman 2
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Sports plays a key-role in developing the self-confidence of the youth at a young age, and at the same time teaches them positive values that help strengthen the team spirit and form a sense of community. In the last video, Farida reveals the positive influence sports has on young people, which ultimately leads to a non-violent coexistence.
Farida Osman 3
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Interview with Al Ahly TV

The project manager Marie-Christine Sacher visited the morning show of the Al-Ahly channel 'In the morning with Ahly' and gave an insight into the project 'Violent-free Schools Egypt'. If you would like to learn more about it, click below to see the full interview:


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