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Brushing Up on Education (Tunisia)

Also in Tunisia the majority of the population are children and adolescents at the various stages of school and vocational training. The education system shapes the future and development of society in Tunisia as anywhere else in the world. Calls for its reform have been growing loud since the “disappointing” results of Tunisian students in the PISA 2012 survey. Understanding and fulfilling the expectations of the education system have therefore become a major focus.

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Upon request of the Tunisian Ministry of Education, the Goethe-Institut advises and supports the Government in its endeavour to implement effective education programmes and sustainable funding schemes. The impact of the project is reflected in several decisions and measures already taken by the Ministry, such as the training of reform committee members on educational quality improvement, based on the German system.

Quality of Education

The Goethe-Institut continues in this project to advise education professionals on the establishment of competency-based education standards for Arabic as a subject. In this regard, a group of inspectors, consultants, and teachers received training on Arabic for native speakers as primary school subject, where the requirements for the competencies “reading” and “writing” and pertinent German standards were introduced, discussed, and compared. This exercise helps Tunisian experts to develop standards and corresponding tasks on their own.

The humanities, represented by the school subject history, are viewed as equally important in the reform efforts of Tunisia: The Goethe-Institut Tunis assists education actors in devising a curriculum for competency-based history lessons that encourage critical thinking, thus enabling students to develop a well-informed historical awareness in their reading of historical sources and accounts.

Education Monitoring

Moreover, the project is concerned with the qualification of education professionals at management level. Dedicated training modules focus on processes of change and change management, enabling trainees to adequately assist and direct schools that understand themselves as learning organisations in every sense.
The Goethe-Institut further supports the Tunisian Ministry of Education in the introduction of innovative didactical formats, from curricula contents to an online platform.

A project of the Goethe-Institut and supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.