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Scientific Storytelling

The project “Scientific Storytelling” – العلم حكاية – is a cooperation between the Goethe-Institut and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). It aims at supporting science journalism in Egypt, promoting it in the public eye, and counteracting the phenomenon of fake news.

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  • Wissenschaftsjournalismus1 Goethe-Institut Cairo / Roger Anis
  • Wissenschaftsjournalismus2 Goethe-Institut Cairo / Roger Anis

After the successful years of 2017 and 2018, the project is now entering its third round. As well as the focus country of Egypt, now for the first time the other countries of the “Dialogue & Transition” program will be involved: Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. The project fosters the relationship between science and journalism in order to bolster the transmission of scientific knowledge and achievements from all disciplines, natural sciences, and the humanities to a wide public. Serious and accessible science journalism may be found in all important print and online media of the participating countries. It significantly promotes societal debates, thereby contributing to a real dialogue in these countries.

To further this end, the Goethe-Institut (together with the DAAD)  is organising workshops and training courses for print and multimedia journalists as well as for scientists. Methods and techniques are in the foreground, as these are important both for the handling of scientific topics and for the publication of scientific knowledge. Exchanges among all participating professional groups are just as important as the technical training courses.

Following the workshops, the participating journalists will write or produce and publish an article or multimedia contribution on a scientific topic. The best results will receive a prize. The winners will have the possibility to travel to Germany at the end of August 2019, in order to get to know science journalism in a series of travelling visits to various editorial offices and publishing houses.

Focus on Exchange

In October 2019, the Goethe-Institut and the DAAD will organise a two-day symposium in which the important questions on science journalism will be discussed. The range of topics for the public event spans from comparative perspectives to questions on Big Data and Digitalisation to technical terminology and sometimes tongue-in-cheek analyses of scientific assertions in Arabic cinema.

In addition, with the Goethe Close-up program, the Goethe-Institut is organising an exchange of journalists between Egypt and Germany. German and Egyptian science journalists will get the opportunity to exchange their workplaces for two weeks, and over this period report for the science editors of their host media.

“Scientific Storytelling - العلم حكاية” is a project of the Goethe-Institut, sponsored by the Foreign Office.

Participants of the Workshops 2019

Science Journalism Foto: Sabry Khaled © Goethe-Institut

Get to know this year's workshop participants on the following pages! Find out which scientific topics they are enthusiastic about and why it is so important for them personally to promote science journalism in their countries of origin in the MENA region.