Egyptian NGO Support Center

Category: Local Organization
Target groups: Women and youth
Main field: Social and economic empowerment; health and environmental awareness; education
Setting: Urban and rural
Year founded: 2004
The Egyptian NGO Support Center is a developmental organization that aims at supporting non-government organizations and local associations in Egypt and the Arab world, as well as improving youths' health in Assiut and Sohag through social initiatives targeting early marriage, FGM, sexual health, and addiction throughout 15 rural communities.

Main Activity:

Workshops, theatre, drawing classes, and capacity-building for NGOs

Ongoing projects

Community development programs in collaboration with Save the Children in Egypt, as well as 114 organization from Assiut, Sohag, Alexandria and Beheira

Past projects

  • Health awareness campaigns for youth and for the prevention of early marriage in Assiut and Sohag
  • Provide support in: legal consultancy, filing lawsuits, gaining public support in Alexandria, Aswan, the Red Sea, North Sinai
  • Provide excellence grants for successful companies
  • Worked on the Nile Initiative which built synergies between the private and community sectors to benefit local communities
  • Provided capacity building programs for organizations and associations in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain and Yemen
  • Worked on building a network for small businesses
  • Worked on anti-corruption projects by raising awareness about e-government services
  • Supporting youth and encouraging them to work in community development (financed by the Japanese embassy)
  • Let's Work Together Project that worked on developing 50 primary schools in Cairo
  • Supporting and economically empowering 100 women through a collaborative entity in Assiut
  • Economic empowerment project that targeted 100 women with disabilities in Marsa Matruh
  • Improving the standards of governance and environmental management in Egypt

Future projects

  • Improving the health of Upper Egyptian youth
  • Establishing training and education centers to empower and enhance youth capabilities in volunteer work