Al-Khair and Baraka Charity Organization in Qeraya

Category: Local Organization
Target groups: Low-income families, unemployed youth, sick elderly people, widows, divorcees, orphans, and people with special needs
Main field: Social and economic empowerment; health awareness
Setting: Urban and rural
Year founded: 2014
Al-Khair and Baraka Charity Organization in Qeraya caters to and develops low-income segments of society in the area surrounding the association. It also aims to improve the cultural, social, and living conditions of these marginalized and deprived segments and endow them with proper management in order to create a developmental environment that is conducive to creativity and suitable for upcoming generations to bring about sustainable development. In order to achieve this, the association strives to allocate all its energy and material and human resources to provide all the requested services through sustainable developmental projects and programs.

Main Activity:

Seminars; medical conveys

Ongoing projects

  • Installing drinking water networks in deprived areas
  • Youth empowerment projects

Past projects

  • Established a free medical center for eligible individuals
  • Created training and youth empowerment projects
  • Organized field trips and lectures in public places about family planning and child welfare
  • Installed drinking water systems

Future projects

Creating projects for young graduates and people with special needs