Our Hands for Comprehensive Development in Minya

Category: Local Organization
Target groups: Female breadwinners, youth, children, and people with disabilities
Main field: Social and economic empowerment; health awareness; education
Setting: Urban and rural
Year founded: 2008
Brief Description: The organization focuses its work on community development, family care, and motherhood and child care. It also provides support to marginalized communities and people with special needs. It also provides services and organizes activities in the fields of education, health, and the environment.

Main Activity:

Awareness seminars, ID card issuing, gender training programs, literacy class, and micro-credit programs

Ongoing projects

  • Development of impoverished and marginalized communities 
  • Supporting micro-initiatives
  • Integrating men and boys into programs to challenge gender-based violence
  • Improving the economic status of disadvantaged families through micro-credit programs

Past projects

  • Empowering girls for civil participation
  • Employment projects for youth in education and awareness initiatives 
  • Youth awareness program
  • Hope for Tomorrow Project
  • Knowledge Is Power Project
  • Improving Eyesight Project
  • Providing Disadvantaged Individuals and People with Disabilities with a Dignified Life Project
  • One Step Forward to a Brighter Future Project

Future projects

  • Training programs to prepare youth for the workforce 
  • A project that aims to spread ideas of acceptance and tolerance
  • Empowering women