Horus Organization for Youth and Development in Qena

Category: Local Organization
Target groups: Women and youth
Main field: Political and economic empowerment
Setting: Urban and rural
Year founded: 2014
The organization is in partnership with the She Program for Female Leadership. Through its programs, 172 women have been trained to write policy briefs. The organization produced 19 policy briefs on unemployment, FGM, and political empowerment for women. The organization established a center for policy memos in Upper Egypt. It is a partner of the Egyptian Female Activists Organization, a women's political participation project in collaboration with the Awareness Network. The organization participates with ACT Center in various activities in Qena and Luxor. It is an integral member of the "19 Coalition", which discusses integrating women's rights into the Egyptian constitution.

Main Activity:

Seminars, field studies, art workshops, and specialized courses

Ongoing projects

  • "Sharek" Project, which aims to fight corruption                                                     
  • A project that encourages the political participation of women

Past projects

The She Project: A Female Leadership Project

Future projects

Economic empowerment for women and youth