The Egyptian Youth for Participatory Development Organization

Category: Local organization
Target groups: Women, children, young girls, and youth
Main field: Social, economic, and political empowerment; health and environmental awareness
Setting: Urban and rural
Year founded: 2009
The Egyptian Youth for Participatory Development Organization is a local, non-profit organization that aims to do the following:
  • Improve local community participation to serve social issues and achieve sustainable development through effort coordination with different subgroups and by focusing on human development and institutional advancement
  • Ensure that society plays an effective role in protecting people with disabilities as well as valuing and respecting their dignity
  • Empowering women in society economically, culturally, health care-wise, and politically in addition to developing their skills and helping them lead a dignified life. The organization also seeks to empower and develop marginalized groups through human development methods, which worked to eliminate ignorance, poverty, and begging and encourage work, opening extra doors of income.
  • Highlighting the role of society in conserving the environment and reducing environmental disasters for the good of mankind

Main Activity:

Egyptian Food Bank, blood donation campaigns, providing treatment for low-income patients, and awareness seminars

Ongoing projects

  • Zohoor Nursery project
  • Knowledge Is Power project, with the Evangelical Coptic Organization

Past projects

  • Youth employment in the adult literacy and awareness-raising initiative , funded by the World Bank and the European Union
  • Youth employment in kindergartens under the umbrella of the community development organization in Salamony, funded by the World Bank and the European Union
  • Awareness seminars on FGM by the Egyptian Association for Human Development in Sohag
  • Awareness seminars on children's rights by Sahwa Organization
  • Planting 1,000 trees in Markaz Akhmeem villages as part of the environmental project within the sustainable development framework
  • Adult literacy project in collaboration with the Adult Education Authority
  • Reducing poverty prevalence under the auspices of the Women's Health Improvement Association "Badaa"
  • Local disability plan under the auspices of the Egyptian Alliance for People with Disabilities
  • Education for sustainable development (ESD)
  • Participated in the Catch a Harasser Initiative in 2014
  • Distributing 1,000 storybooks by the Ministry of Environment to children in Sohag
  • Distributing 1,000 storybooks from the Criminal Security Foundation to children in Sohag
  • Seminars on women's legislative rights to inheritance by the Egyptian Youth Association

Future projects

Economic empowerment for young men and women from Needa Village