Hokok Alensan Lelkheir Organization

Category: Local Organization
Target groups: Women, children, and youth
Main field: Social, economic, and political empowerment
Setting: Urban and rural
Year founded: 2009
The organization aims to develop and raise social awareness regarding various civil and human rights issues to achieve social justice among all members of society. The organization aims to comprehensively advance society on an economic, social, and developmental level and in terms of human rights. The organization plans to do so without discrimination and through improving the lives of women, youth, and children and helping local communities achieve sustainability. It also plans to encourage social participation for all segments of society, especially the culturally, economically, and socially marginalized, putting an emphasis on girls as the nucleus for social justice. It also plans to focus on child care and preventing violence in all of its forms.


Main Activity:

Creativing job opportunities, inclusion programs for the marginalized, workshops, and training courses

Ongoing projects

  • Youth employment
  • Employing and providing job opportunities for youth with disabilities
  • Knowledge Is Power project

Past projects

  • Issuing official documents for rural women
  • Training local council election candidates
  • Anti-FGM project, financed by the National Population and Health Council in collaboration with the Egyptian Foundation for Development and Training
  • We Can Share Project. The project taught young women, ages 16-25, sewing and other handicrafts to enable them to easily find a job.

Future projects

  • Youth employment project, funded by The Social Fund
  • Bedaya Project, in collaboration with Plan International