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With "Un|controlled - Questioning the power of the body language to imagine new futures today" we finally continue our regional project for young choreographers from Arabic-speaking countries.

Un/controlled Gestures – 2 EDITION

In recent years, globalization and technology have increased our mobility and accelerated our lives. The pace at which we must manage communication, tasks, and life in general has increased dramatically. Faced with a sudden, uncontrolled break in our interaction with the world, an end to our mobility, our lives decelerated. A new sobriety, an awareness of time itself and perhaps even of its value, noticeably changed our lives.
This deceleration, like all other historical developments, is felt very differently from group to group. In fact, for many, deceleration only made clearer the constraints under which they lived. The lack of mobility added to the uncontrolled gestures that already limited freedom in daily life and artistic expression.
We invite artists to present their projects around the theme of deceleration and to reflect on other issues that have arisen since the beginning of the pandemic. Un|Controlled II is a project to investigate and explore the power of body language, the power to imagine new futures, to move and change our current selves and potentially others.

HAU Berlin logo ©Privat Un/controlled gestures, 2nd Edition” is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, curated by Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi and Shaymaa Shoukry.


Kurzbios Tänzer:innen

Abdallah Damra

Abdullah Damra is a Palestinian dancer, dance teacher and producer. His current project, "My teeth fading out when I sleep" explores the expression and communication of emotions in sign language through dance.

Aїda Jamal © Goethe Institut

Aїda Jamal

Aїda Jamal is a Moroccan dancer and psychology student who expresses her own identity through dance. She wants to use her dance to start a discussion about the social, religious and cultural burdens that women have to bear in our society.

Lori Kharpoutlian © Goethe Institut

Lori Kharpoutlian

Lori Kharpoutlian is a dancer, cultural worker and architect based in Beirut. The project with the working title "A Body in Waiting" deals with the politics of waiting and aims to explore and challenge this kind of passivity.

Mehdi Dahkan © Goethe Institut

Mehdi Dahkan

Mehdi Dahkan is a Moroccan breakdancer who has been dancing since he was 12. With his solo "Gray today, gray tomorrow" he tries to understand why it is so hard to maintain a state of normality and what the way to get there looks like.

nasa4nasa © Goethe Institut


nasa4nasa is an Egyptian dance group from Cairo founded in 2016 by Noura Seif Hassanein and Salma Abdel Salam. The project "No Mercy / rip / funeral" explores a mystical female figure immortally manifested in a collective (un)consciousness. This project also investigates how the audience's gaze is focused and organized in relation to two female dancers.

Nermin Habib

Nermin Habib is an Egyptian artist, philosopher, choreographer and contemporary dancer. Her solo "Reclaiming" deals with her childhood and the memories that are slowly disappearing but are to be confronted and clarified through dance.

Yara Boustany © Goethe Institut

Yara Boustany

Yara Boustany is a Lebanese performer and choreographer. "The fingerdance of the timekillers" is an interactive performance that deals with the phenomenon of video game addiction and questions this way of active time-killing.

Ziad Wallace © Goethe Institut

Ziad Wallace

Ziad Wallace is a contemporary hip-hop dancer and performer from Alexandria. His solo performance "(Plan B X)" expresses the interplay of contradictory mental states. For example, the panic caused by the uncertainty and inability to determine what one is feeling.

Synda Jebali & Sara Dziri © Goethe Institut

Synda Jebali & Sara Dziri

Synda Jebali is a performer and video artist from Tunis. Passionate about image, she co-produces video clips for artists with her urban arts collective, dedicated to reflection and action around art in the public space.

Sara Dziri is a multi-faceted artist and DJ. She is one of the names defining the Brussels’ electronic underground scene. In 2019, she co-founded a platform and party collective dedicated to bringing more diversity to the Belgian underground scene. 

In their project „TRANSGRESSIONS“, Synda and Sara to explore the feelings of frustration, anger and melancholy that come with migrations, and how these physical movements impact not only the migrant, but also their environments.