Round table Everything Passes, Except The Past

 Decolonial-Stadt Tour mit dem Kollektiv Mémoire Coloniale et Lutte Contre les Discriminations © Caroline Lessire

Mi, 23.10.2019

El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria, Sala Moragues

Plaça Comercial, 12
08003 Barcelona

Decolonial-Stadt Tour mit dem Kollektiv Mémoire Coloniale et Lutte Contre les Discriminations

Street names honor, statues immortalize – but whom?  Within the long-term project on colonial heritage “Everything passes, except the past”, the Goethe-Institut invites international researchers, artists, activists, cultural workers, and political decision makers to a debate about monuments, memorials and other visible (post-)colonial residues in public space.

The workshop takes place at the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món and aims to discuss the relations between the public space, colonial traces, memory  and power, the challenges and perspectives of tearing down or replacing monuments and street names, the artistic and activistic approaches to this process and the inherent ethical and political questions. It seeks to develop future perspectives: How could the process of decolononization be expanded and put to good use by institutions, and what can institutions learn from the work of researchers, artists and activists? What plans and wishes are there, what resources are already available or need to be generated? What structures are necessary to do this, which ones would have to be changed or expanded?

Besides the closed workshop on October 24 and 25 that is dedicated to international specialists, the project integrates a public round-table at El Born on October 23 with the actress and dramatic adviser Silvia Albert Sopale and artist Daniela Ortiz, moderated by Tania Adam. The round table intends to bring the central questions of the debate to the public, discussing the fact that colonialism is not limited to a historical time or a distant space, but constitutes the very foundation of our thoughts and actions here and now.

The round table will be in Spanish, with simultaneous translation into English. It is open to the public; admission is free.

Keynote and Workshop Participants_Everything passes except the past