Serie de eventos
Melting Spaces

Melting spaces
Institut Ramon Llull

When restrictions become options

A transnational series of talks about how cultural agents are facing the current situation
One year after a global sanitary emergency artists, curators, researchers and cultural institutions more than ever are dissolving boundaries in between the digital, the public space and the traditional ways of coming together sharing a cultural experience.

Since March 2020 they all had been forced to find alternative ways for the on-site community encounter. This talk series proposes a reflection about how cultural practices changed and which options evolve. It will be an opening space to discuss how we can learn from this situation, about the chances and difficulties, the digital transformation, the shifting public spaces and the role of public institutions that are promoting culture abroad.

Hosted by Aina Tur and Gila Kolb

Project funded by Institut Ramon Llull in collaboration with Goethe Institut