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Let's deal with it! (Part 2)

Melting spaces
Institut Ramon Llull

A talk about the public space as a cultural stage


Guests: Anna Giribet and Kathrin Tidemann. Artistic Intervention by Alina Stockinger. Moderation: Aina Tur & Gila Kolb.
Inscripción One year after a global sanitary emergency artists, curators, researchers and cultural institutions more than ever are dissolving boundaries in between the digital, the public space and the traditional ways of coming together sharing a cultural experience.

In this talk Anna Giribet (Fira Tàrrega Artistic Director) and Kathrin Tidemann will engage a conversation about the public space as a cultural platform.

Which are the particularities of the public space as a cultural stage? What can be done outside the conventional venues? Who is the audience then? Which benefits provide the commoning and collectives approaches to urban space?

Moderated by Gila Kolb and Aina Tur

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Project funded by Institut Ramon Llull in collaboration with Goethe Institut

Anna Giribet is the Artistic Director of FiraTàrrega since 2019. She has previously been the Deputy Artistic Director of FiraTàrrega since 2011.
She is an economist by training, with a degree in Economics from the UB (University of Barcelona) in 2004. She also holds a Postgraduate degree in cultural platform management from IDEC (Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona) and was coordinator of the Master in Street Arts Creation in 2013 and 2015.
In 2020, she obtained a Master degree in Cultural Management from the UOC (Open University of Catalonia).
She is a member of the State Council for the Performing Arts and Music since 2019.

Kathrin Tiedemann, has been artistic and managing director of the FFT Düsseldorf ( since August 2004. The FFT is a production house for the performing arts, operating throughout Germany and internationally, with a special focus on performing arts for young audiences. With the FFT and her team she aims to provide a learning environment for collaborative artistic practices. Under the notion of “theatre of the digital natives” FFT researches the field of possible new forms between performing arts and digital practices. Another focus of her research is on theatre in the context of urban development and the dynamics of the public sphere.  

Alina Stockinger is the founder and member of Eléctrico 28, a theatre collective that nurtures the ecosystem of the daily human (and animal) lifedisplayed in heart-and-humor-made immersive street performances such as [ The Frame ] and Stellar Moments of Humanity.
She studied languages, literature and linguistics.  Meanwhile, she has always been dancing since she was a child. Then she discovered theatre and, in particular, street theatre and clown, did many many workshops and courses and absolved the MA Creation of street arts in Tàrrega. She was given the START scholarship by the Austrian Ministry of Culture and was recently selected IN-SITU-artist for four years.
At the bottom of everything, she shares a never-ending fascination for the old idea of seeing people as actors in a constantly ongoing movie, which automatically puts everybody in the same performative situation. Inside this “reality fiction”, the roles of performers and audience shift constantly and a playful space can emerge out of a functional place. There, chance is a concept her collective embraces after a site-specific study of social conventions and uses of a particular place; that means Eléctrico 28 starts by observing a place’s rhythms, frequencies, sounds and people’s behavioural conventions and connects those with personal thoughts, feelings, longings and fantasies in relation to it.
Their dramaturgies and performance structures are elastic, creating space for chance happenings and understanding the poetics of failure that go together with taking risk.  They use narratives and stories to handcraft filters through which their audience can perceive a poetic outlook on daily human existence. Those filters are inspired by all kinds of things and people. One of their leitmotifs is to question the insignificance of apparently insignificant things. Georges Perec is a big inspiration for their most recent work [ The Frame ] and their practice/training of describing daily urban life actions and visions [ Electrictionary ].





Idioma: English

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