Online Exhibition: Solo Exploration

Water in Ethiopia © Goethe-Institut

Online Exhibition: Solo Exploration

This exhibition showcases the result of the second stage of the Water in Ethiopia  project 2022/2023
Photo story of seven photographers

Mother by Abenzer Tefera
Water for all by Ashenafe Mestika
Inherited Journey by Bemnet Fekadu
Cildren of the great Rift by Carlo Ertola
10 Kilo by Dawit Teshome
Fishermen at Babogaya by Mekdes Ababu                             
Remote Journey by Mikiyas Alemayehu

The first phase of the Water in Ethiopia Project was a photoworkshop in which the photographers were introduced to the ways of storytelling.

In the planning phase is currently the third phase which will be a field trip to Bahir Dar end of march.