Dialoge 20-13 - Kolkata von Sasha Waltz / Padmini Chettur / Mahler Chamber Orchestra Photo: Martin Wälde

Kultur erleben

We promote cultural exchange between Germany and Ethiopia. We initiate film series, exhibitions, concerts, seminars and festivals which involve bilateral artistic production, reception and reflection. 


Water in Ethiopia © Andy Spyra

Water in Ethiopia

Photographers based in Ethiopia participated in a photography workshop focusing on the theme of “Water” in relation to Ethiopia.

INPUT © Goethe-Institut


After the political change in Sri Lanka that enabled new possibilities for the development of civil society, it is meaningful to look at the work of media, especially that of television, and to give it new incentives. 

AI to Amplify Header Illustration: © Goethe-Institut

For a new mindset regarding AI development!

Do you want to contribute your own perspective to the development of public good-oriented artificial intelligence applications? Do you want to become a multiplier in a global community? Take part in our Fellowship programme and expand your skill sets through virtual workshops and meetings. The deadline for applications is 20th of March 2023.

AFRICOMICS © Goethe-Institut Ghana


Artists from 14 African countries meet in workshops and create a new (comic) world together!
Discover new perspectives, learn more about African comic art in videos and follow the creation of new stories!

The Wax and Gold of Hairstyles in Ethiopia

The Wax and Gold of Hairstyle in Ethiopia exhibition marks Goethe-Institut Äthiopien’s second collaboration with the Frobenius Institute since 2019. 

Zeitgeister Filmstill (detail): © picture alliance


Since time immemorial, Western literature has been characterised by stereotypical notions of gender. Myths and fairy tales, classical and modern literature are teeming with brave courageous heroes and long-suffering female figures. What is going on here and what is the negotiation actually about?

Tibeb Be Adebabay © Brook Getachew

Tibeb be Adebabay

Addis Abeba is a creative city, full of ideas, encounters and beauty. The project “Tibeb be Adebabay” brings art to public spaces of the city and into the people’s daily lives. 



The Goethe-Institut in Addis Abeba in partnership with the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences, the Children’s Science Center and their networks of public, private and international schools will host the Science Film Festival 2020 from 03 December till 20 December 2020 in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

Decolonise the Internet © John Moore

Decolonise the Internet

At the end of August 2020, we had an Edit-A-Thon workshop to the newly launched Goethe-Institute’s programme “Decolonise the Internet” Decolonize the Internet - Goethe-Institut. After the workshop an editing and translation competition with great prizes took place. At the Goethe-Institut of addis Ababa, 14 women have participated on the workshop and five have taken part in the competition. Here is an interview of the best three who won prizes.

Enterafrica © Brook Getachew


15 African countries are involved in the big project "Enter Africa". Everywhere, young teams develop local based games about the past, present and future of their city.

The Great Battle of Times Goethe-Institut

Battle of the Times

Join us on an exciting journey through Addis Ababa, its past, present or future. Tackle different tasks on your way, meet Mighty Past, Lady Present or The Great Future, exchange information with other gamers and have a say in the future of your city. 


The Ethiopian Gaming Festival, CHEWATACON, is the first-ever festival of its kind that aims to celebrate the Ethiopian gaming culture and explores dimensions of games and play in the local context and beyond.