Battle of the Times

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past, present or future

Join us on an exciting journey through Addis Ababa, its past, present or future. Tackle different tasks on your way, meet Mighty Past, Lady Present or The Great Future, exchange information with other gamers and have a say in the future of your city.

The great war of the times started and will last till the final judgment day. Be part of it! Choose your point of entry, past, present or future, and emerge in a role of that time. First you will have to gain strength and power by yourself until you can encounter Mighty Past, Lady Present or the Great Future. But don’t forget – other gamers will also be out there, in the same time as you or in different times. You will have to look for support or fight them along the way. When you have resolved all your tasks, you will be invited to the Family Reunion of the three children of Time. And at the end meet your destiny on Judgment Day, when past, present and future have their final say who will rule Addis Ababa.

Along your way you will collect points and the highest scores will be presented with awards.

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You don’t have to fight this Great Battle alone.
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Out of many, you were chosen by Time and destined by Life to change the course of the battle. You will be given a human form and will be sent to The Final Frontier, The Greatest Battle Ground, to the Cradle of Mankind and land of Origins. So shall the prophesy come true
“Where everything began, there it must end”
Book of Time Chapter 20:09

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