Physical, Digital, and Hybrid Art Experiences "Art to Earth"

Art of Earth © Goethe-Institut

Sat, 04.12.2021 -
Fri, 31.12.2021


Tibeb Online in collaboration with Tibeb be Adebabay brings a range of physical, digital, and hybrid cultural and creative experiences featuring the works of artists, creatives & curators from different walks of life.

This years’ experience aims to support cultural networks within Ethiopia, facilitate knowledge sharing and build the capacities of creative professionals through inclusive platforms for exchange.

With this in mind and with the broad theme “Art to Earth”, artists, creatives and curators from all disciplines showcase their works overall value of art, as well as its power to address a range of social and environmental issues.

Tibeb Online is a project by EUNIC Ethiopia and their partners. EUNIC — European Union National Institutes for Culture — is Europe’s network of national cultural institutes and organisations, with 36 members from all 28 EU member states.

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