Performance "WELCOME!” by Mulugeta Gebrekidan"

Welcome © Mulugeta Gebrekidan

Thu, 09.03.2017

Goethe-Institut Addis Abeba

The world is witnessing many tragic stories around migration unfold. However, for millennia, people have moved from place to place, making migration a shared human experience. With its inherent exchange of knowledge and culture, migration contributes to development at all levels of society and promotes unity in diversity.

After his performances on migration in Europe, Mulugeta Gebrekidan will perform in his exhibition the African counterpart in the Goethe-Institut Addis Ababa, showing the interconnection between continents, local realities, and individual stories. By including audio and visual elements in the exhibition he creates an interactive situation, making the people in the audience co-creators of his work. Mulugeta Gebrekidan aims to spark a dialogue around migration and its effect on the lives of all of us.

Mulugeta Gebrekidan is a visual artist based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After having focused on painting for several years, his artistic practice shifted toward photography, video, and performance art. For the last four years, he has been creating a platform for visual, conceptual, and public dialogue on social issues through his site-specific works and public art interventions.