Exhibition "Tibeb be Adebabay – The Art Side of Addis Abeba"

Tibeb be Adebabay – The Art Side of Addis Ababa © Brook Getachew

Fri, 19.05.2017 -
Fri, 09.06.2017

Public Squares in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is a creative city, full of ideas, encounters and beauty. The project “Tibeb be Adebabay” brings art to public spaces of the city and into the people’s daily lives. Be part of a short film in Megenagna, try playing the saxophone in Piazza, or write and read literature in Merkato – at a whole of 10 different cultural SUKs, you can discover the Art Side of Addis Ababa and experience your own creativity.

For three weeks, the artists will move around the city in movable kiosks designed by architect Fasil Giorghis. Their projects cover a wide range of arts: photography, film, painting, music, gaming, architecture, literature and printing. Everybody – children, youth, elders or families - can join and be part of the performances.

The project will be running from 19 May until 9 June and end with a final exhibition opening at the Goethe-Institut on Saturday, 10 June 2017.

This is the official newspaper for Tibeb be Adebabay – The Art Side of Addis. It includes all information on the Suks, the curators, the programme and the locations. Besides, you find an interview with Suk-Designer Fasil Giorghis. The newspapers will be available at all our Suks for the next three weeks! 

Official newspaper for Tibeb be Adebabay
Find more information on the Suks and the specific locations in the brochure below.