Exhibition "Tibeb be Adebabay 2019"

Tibeb be Adebabay © Brook Getachew

Fri, 17.05.2019 -
Fri, 21.06.2019

Goethe-Institut Addis Abeba

From 17 May to 21 June, the creative outcomes of the Tibeb be Adebabay 2019 street festival will be on display at the Goethe-Institut, welcoming visitors who are interested in learning more about the artists, the festival, and alternative forms of public urban life in Ethiopia.

Here you can find the full schedule of Tibeb be Adebabay 
Here you can find the Tibeb be Adebabay  Newspaper 2019
For more information visit Tibeb be Adebabay

In cooperation with: 
The Urban Center, City Government of Culture and Tourism Bureau, Federal Ministry of Health, and Addis Abeba City Roads Authority. This programme is supported by the European Union.  
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