Narration "ሦስቱ ወንድማማቾች"

Goethe Reading Club © Yonas Tarekegn

Fri, 26.11.2021

2:00 PM


A tailor lives with his three sons. The sons are apprenticed. In the end, the eldest gets a nondescript little table. The middle one gets a donkey. What did the third one get and how does the story continue? You will find out all this when you listen to the end of the story.

The fairy tale originally written by Brothers Grimm has been translated by Mulu Worku and published along with other German fairy tales by the Goethe-Institut Äthiopien.

This fairy tale will be read in our Goethe Reading Club series and be posted on the YouTube channel “Eneho Lelijoch”.

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