Helsinki Writer-in-Residence

2017 Allas Helsinki Photo: Lisa Pfannenschmidt

Goethe-Institut Finnland in collaboration with Nuoren Voiman Liitto


You can apply for the residency if you work in Germany and have published at least two works in German (fiction or poetry).
The residency aims to help you establish contacts and deepen your connections with Finnish writers and others in the field of literature.


The residency lasts for four weeks in August/September (to be arranged with the applicant).


Goethe-Institut provides a 1500 € grant, accommodation in Helsinki, and reimburses the travel expenses to and from Helsinki.


  • The writer-in-residence must be interested in Finnish culture and literature.
  • The writer will be featured in three different events in Finland (partly in English); one event will likely be the Poetry Moon festival in Helsinki. A separate, fixed compensation will be paid for the events.
  • The writer will report on their experiences in Finland at the Goethe-Institut website (maximum 5 blog entries).
  • It's desirable but not mandatory for the writer to describe their stay on Goethe-Institut's social media channels (Facebook, Instagram).
  • An excerpt of around 10-15 pages from one of the writer's texts (selected jointly with writer) will be translated into Finnish for the events. Parts of the translation will potentially be published in a Finnish literature magazine. 


The application for the residency 2021 is open 03.12. - 30.12.2020.

The application must be sent via the application form. Only applications sent via this form can be considered in the selection process.
Please include the following in the application:
  • CV (in German or English) with a list of your published works
  • a motivation letter that states what you are currently working on and what you intend to write during the residency
  • an excerpt from a published work 
  • If you wish to report on the residency in social media, mention the social media channels in your application.


Goethe-Institut selects the writer-in-residence and designs the events and residency programme in collaboration with Finnish literature organization Nuoren Voiman Liitto.

Further inquieries until 18.12.2020 via e-mail.