Goethe x Change

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The library of the Goethe-Institut in Helsinki will become a space for change-making to enable us to deal with, and possibly avert the worst effects of climate change. There is a great variety of media on the topic in our library collection, and we also plan further events in the future.

Past events

Neon sign with the word Change Ross Findon | unsplash

Launch event | THU 07.02.2019, 4 p.m. | GOETHE-INSTITUT
Goethe x Change

Do you sense eco anxiety and don't know how to deal with it? Do you want to activate yourself?  Goethe x Change is a programme of events, workshops and initiatives dedicated tochange-making, activism, transition, resilience and

Further reading

In this column we collect interesting articles on topics like environment, sustainability and climate change. We also provide tips on how to live more sustainable and environmental-friendly.

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Contact information

The curators of the project:
Gero Grundmann (gerogrundmann (at ) gmail.com)
Prof. Julia Lohmann (julia@julialohmann (at) co.uk)

for the Goethe-Institut Finnland:
Alexandra Stang (alexandra.stang@goethe.de)


The project is based on cooperation. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us!