Specialised Courses

Goethe-Institut German Language Photo: Getty Images/Juice Images

Courses with special contens for special target groups

You are looking for German tuition with special contents for specific target group? Or to develope specific skillls?

Special courses

  • Fit for everyday working life: we train using everyday situations 
  • Efficient: rapid learning outcomes attained through active speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Comprehensive: all courses impart some understanding of the German culture 
  • Flexible: during, before or after working hours, at your offices, in our institutes or online 
  • Exactly your level: Each course is tailored exactly to your teams’ cultural backgrounds, previous language skills and their organisational requirements.
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Ask for tailored courses for you and for your team sprache-helsinki@goethe.de.
Special course on level  C2. Conversation and work with media content in German.

15 weeks
2 TU à 45 min. weekly
In total: 30 TU
Group size: 6-15 learners
Fee: 375 €
Felix und Franzi – ein Sommerkurs für 7-12-Jährige
a try-out- German class introduces German language for childern  in age of 7-12 years

3.-7. June 2019  at 9.30 – 12.00
Price: 180 €
Fit for school– a refreshing class for young learners 12-

The school starts soon, the summer ends. What do you still can say in German? A refreshing class for young learners up from 12 years.
daily 5.-7.8.2019 at 13-16 á clock
Price: 160 €