Talk and workshop Jan Lütjohann: Doing it ourselves

Jan Lütjohann_Arbeit Kuva: Jan Lütjohann

FRI 01.11.2019, 5 pm


as part of Goethe x Change

Craft-based practice between post-industrial and post-apocalypse

What are we to do with the many choices we face, our limited time and an uncertain global future?

In this talk, the sculptor and pedagogue Jan Lütjohann seeks answers within critical practices – those of doing, of craft and do-it-yourself.

In a short workshop, participants can create physical tools themselves and explore social ways of taking the initiative.

Lütjohann_Holz Photo: Jan Lütjohann Jan Lütjohann works with traditional hand tools, pre-industrial technologies as well as knowledge from different ages, countries and fields of practice. In these trans-generational knowledge-building processes he experiences sculptural, practical and interpersonal applications for this form of practice. Instead of choosing between 3D printing and a stone age axe, he is interested in investigating their combined potential for our everyday life, against the backdrop of an uncertain future and changing world.