Performance (broadcast series) Simon Vincenzi: FROM THE DEAD AIR ORGY

Tue, 12.10.2021 -
Sat, 16.10.2021

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


On The Nature of Things


FROM THE DEAD AIR ORGY is a series of five broadcasts being transmitted live from a hidden location somewhere on the outskirts of Helsinki. Each broadcast reveals a developing narrative from a location from which the audience has been removed. Each broadcast revolves around the poem On The Nature of Things by the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius (c.99BC - c.55BC). His poem of atomism, physics, and the understanding of reality will be re-translated through artificial intelligence software to produce a series of premonitions for an imagined future.

FROM THE DEAD AIR ORGY: On The Nature of Things is the latest edition of an ongoing project by Simon Vincenzi, which is formed through unfamiliar locations and lost live streams. It is developed with sound artist Will Saunders and performer Kath Duggan. Technical set-up and production Tiago Martins Pinto.

The broadcast series takes place as part of the BAD HOUSE festival (Mad House Helsinki).