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What exactly is a film project in ‘bilingual classes’ ?
  • It’s a project integrated into the common progression of the modern foreign languages being taught.
  • It’s an active project that creates synergy between the languages and allows for group skill work.
  • It offers an opportunity to experience a change in perspective through the adoption of different identities and roles, as the students take on different responsibilities and characters, including the role of the cameraman to experience this outside perspective as well.
  • The change in perspective is also experienced in the teacher-student relationship as the teachers take part and allow the students to assign them a role, etc.
  • It promotes self-development and brings to the screen a story created by the students. 
Film is an artistic experience:
  • which, through the art of cinematography, allows for aesthetic experimentation with the language of an image. It is an experience which doesn’t begin with the analysis or description of an image, rather with it’s construction, thus offering a better understanding of the the cultural and semiotic experience;
  • that engages students in individual and group action;
  • which relies on creativity, the activation of the senses, and the use of imagination - these skills must also be developed to facilitate successful language learning;
  • that allows students to experience real emotion, giving sense to cultural and linguistic content;
  • which helps students understand the culture transmitted through the film and the emotions conveyed through the soundtrack, the image, the acting, etc.  while mentally associating themselves with the protagonists in action (perception of the actors’ skills, experiencing their emotions);
  • that guides the students towards independance, towards choice.
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