1. Showing the story

© Hariet E. RothIt is recommended that you use the “Klappbuch” Ameisen, die schaffen viel!. You can order it online at ‘Deutsch als Fremdsprache im Kindergarten’ by the Goethe-Institut.

After the children have shared their personal experiences of ants and hares (or rabbits), the teacher moves on to the story, which will be told in English. The group can therefore get to know the main characters: “der Hase” and “die Ameise(n)”. The fact that the children do not yet understand the foreign language, or understand it in a rudimentary fashion, does not have an impact, because the images are clear and easy for the children to understand. Through gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and intonation, the teacher tells the story, and makes sure the children find it accessible on an emotional level. The children will then gradually open up to the language autonomously.


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Download Symboldialogue (file mp3, 1.7 Mb)

The MP3 file (dramatised recording) can be used to prepare the story-telling phase (the story should be told without a script if possible) particularly when the teacher is not a native speaker. The recording can also be played directly to the pupils or be used later for individual children and their parents.