Aim: from 4eme

  • 6 sessions during English language lessons
  • 6 sessions during German language lessons
  • 1 session for the final presentation and the Poetry Slam
The eight sessions in detail


  • “Enjoy English in 4ème” (Éditions Didier)
  • “Spontan 2” (Èditions Didier)

This project arose from a collaboration between a German and English teacher working with a bilingual class. The steps towards creating this project took place during the English and German lessons and were always complementary, thus ensuring the teachers did not have to cover all of the content of each phase in their respective lessons, and therefore saving time. The Goethe-Institut provided further materials for the German lessons in order to create a strong German-Anglo foundation for the project.

General planning of the project:

  • Introducing the theme
  • Preparing the theme
  • Producing the text for the Poetry Slam
  • Performing in the Poetry Slam

In the descriptions of the different phases of the project you will find detailed information regarding each step. These phases do not always correspond to the course units but they do help to structure the lessons in class.