© Photos Fred FurgolWhat is a ‘bilingual slam’ project?
  • It is a Slam project linked to a common progression of the modern foreign languages being taught.
  • It is the presentation of a bilingual performance created during class.
  • It is an action-oriented approach that synergizes languages and promotes group skill work.

Slam is an artistic experience that:

  • Engages students in both individual and group action.
  • Promotes self-confidence and makes the act of speaking a foreign language ‘un-dramatic’.
  • Uses the student’s imagination and creativity, and develops these skills which are essential for language learning.
  • Allows students to express themselves with authentic emotions that give sense to the learning content as well as the language produced — all this is also anchored in the memory.
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    The aims for the students

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    The aims for language teachers

    What are the professional development aims for the language teachers?More ...