Queen Victoria and Prince Albert © Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1859 | 1842)

A Victorian Love Story

Deutsch als die Sprache der Liebe? Keiner würde dem mehr zustimmen als Königin Victoria, als sie sich Hals über Kopf in Prinz Albert von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha verliebte. Ihre Beziehung war voller Bewunderung und Liebe. Kommuniziert haben die beiden vor allem auf Deutsch. Warum das so war, erzählt das Dossier „Die Viktorianische Liebesgeschichte“.



This side of populism

In global conversations between Budapest, Cairo, Brasilia, Nairobi, Moscow, Salzburg and Zurich we debate common narratives of populists in different countries: Has the “elite” really lost contact with the “people”? What does it really mean to take people’s fears seriously? What is hidden behind the phrase “You still have to be allowed to say that”?

Europa - what now? Illustration: © Tobias Schrank


Crisis, Brexit, swing to the right: we mainly talk about the EU only when it’s burning. 
What do we want from the EU? What could it still be? How do we want to shape it?
Europe – what now?

Neues Bauhaus in Dessau


Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus in 1919 – and in doing so revolutionised architecture, design and the way we think about it. What influence does this art school have today?

רחל לאה ג'ונס רחל לאה ג'ונס | © פיליף בלייש

Cut it Out – Films against Censorship

Renowned Filmmakers from 20 countries around the globe produce films against censorship. Each film is 45 seconds long and sends a clear sign of solidarity to those living in countries with limited freedom of speech.

Karl Marx ©

200th birthday of Karl-Marx

Marxist ideas have played a role in film for more than 100 years, since Marx and his ideas are not just to be found in Germany and the world during the bicentennial year 2018.

Series: Future Libraries © raumlaborberlin on behalf of Kulturprojekte Berlin

Future Libraries

With our series “Future Libraries” we shed light on challenges, trends and examples of success around the future of the library.

Beyond the grey: a different way to live. Photo (detail): © picture alliance / dpa / Jens Wolf

Living Between Town and Country

How do we want to live? In view of skyrocketing rents and property prices in cities worldwide, this is not so easy to answer.

A woman plays badminton with her daughter Photo (detail): Svetlana Kerestely © Goethe-Institut

Summer in Germany

Summer in Germany means barbecuing by the river, relaxing in the garden and eating ice cream. But who works while we relax?