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Europa - what now?Illustration: © Tobias Schrank


Crisis, swing to the right...we mainly talk about the EU as an economic and political system, and often only when it’s burning.
Now that Brexit is definite, we are going to talk more about Europe as a place and a concept – a continent with an international community.
What does “Europe” mean? What are European ideas? How do we want to contribute to these ideas – to shape a #SharedEurope.

Europe – what now?

Culture has no borders – and should never acquire them. Let’s remain friends.

Katharina von Ruckteschell, director of the Goethe-Institut London

Read our statement on Brexit...

Europe and us

What is our position on Europe? What is Europe's position in the world? Two questions that are linked and their answers could overcome limits and borders.

Europa – wie jetzt?! Illustration: © Tobias Schrank

Europe in Images
Together Rather Than Alone

What does the EU bring to our daily lives? In other words, what happens when a country no longer belongs to the EU? Answers from different perspectives – illustrated by illustrators from all over Europe.

Europe - Open to debate

Europe as an idea, a concept, a "Staatenverbund": that's open to debate! Let's argue with each other – not against each other. And perhaps we will find common ground on this continent.


Hackney Broadway Market © Geograph, Foto: Dr. Neil Clinton

Fabian Saul on Resistance
Traces of Resistance-A European story

With populism and nationalism on the rise, Fabian Saul takes to the streets of Europe in search of traces of resistance. His method of choice: Ambling


A Europe-wide project of the Goethe-Institut asks what is our freedom based on and what endangers it.


8 photographers - 8 positions
Brexit - A Photo Project

Eight students from the Ostkreuz School for Photography express their position on Brexit and give an insight into everyday life in Manchester.

Heirlooms. European Stories Illustration: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut

Heirlooms. European Stories

On the occasion of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018, we are collecting European “heirlooms” – an tell their stories

Europe Actually

When political uncertainty arises, cultural relations are even more important. Find here a recap of our Europe Actually Week (25 March - 31 March 2019) - a series of events run by the Goethe-Institut London that focus on our European common identity.