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 EuropaEuropa. Credit: NASA/GSFC (CC BY 2.0)


Europe is changing and faces challenges at many levels and is looking for answers.

Read about Europe in our dossier with selected articles und projects and discover our series of events dedicated to Europe.

Statement of the Goethe-Institut London
Culture is global

The Goethe-Institut sees itself as an institution with a European mandate. We subscribe to the vision of an integrated Europe and actively champion a shared and diverse cultural space.




A Europe-wide project of the Goethe-Institut asks what is our freedom based on and what endangers it.


8 photographers - 8 positions
Brexit - A Photo Project

Eight students from the Ostkreuz School for Photography express their position on Brexit and give an insight into everyday life in Manchester.

Hackney Broadway Market © Geograph, Foto: Dr. Neil Clinton

Fabian Saul on Resistance
Traces of Resistance-A European story

With populism and nationalism on the rise, Fabian Saul takes to the streets of Europe in search of traces of resistance. His method of choice: Ambling

2 Banksy does Brexit (detail) Foto: dullhunk © dullhunk

Journalism Residency

This residency (March-April 2019) invites two journalists from European countries to investigate, question, debate and reflect on the impact of Brexit on the British civil society.
Current Artists: Francesca De Benedetti & Christian Werthschulte

Articles on that topic

E-book: “A Good European” © Goethe-Institut e. V.

A Good European

Here you will find all eight short stories as PDF and as E-PUB (In German language):