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EuropeIllustration (detail): © Tobias Schrank


Crisis and the rise of the right... We refer to Europe mainly in terms of its political and economic systems, and often only when those systems are being challenged.
With Brexit now a certainty, we want to address Europe as a place and as a concept - a continent formed of an international community.

What do we mean by ‘Europe’? What do we mean by ‘European’ ideas? How do we want to contribute to these ideas and continue to shape a common, a #SharedEurope?

Europe - what next?

Tell Me About Europe

We have never, ever seen ourselves as anything other than Europeans.

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former President of Iceland

Read interviews from the "European Archive of Voices": in conversation with young people, former President of Iceland Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, French screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière and Slovakian philosopher Egon Gál, talk about their lives and experiences of war, oppression and flight in Europe.

Projects on the Occasion of the EU Council Presidency

Tell Me About Europe - Key-Visual in Pink © Groupe Dejour

Tell Me About Europe
Stories Beyond Generations

Europe is more than a continent or an idea. Europe consists of many different stories – personal stories of people from different generations. The project “Tell me about Europe” brings the memories of well-known Europeans alive and invites you to listen and join in the discussion.

#oekoropa: Europe-wide youth competition on sustainable travel Goethe-Institut / Getty Images

Carbon-neutral travel in Europe? Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

The Goethe-Institut’s online contest “#oekoropa” aims to show – first in theory, then in practice – that it’s possible to travel around with little or no carbon footprint these days. High schoolers age 16 to 19 and teachers from all EU member states are invited to submit innovative ideas for carbon-neutral ways to travel Europe.

Das Logo des Projekts Earth Speakr © Olafur Eliasson

„Earth Speakr“
A participatory, Europe-wide work of art

“Earth Speakr” is an artwork created by Olafur Eliasson with his studio, kids, creative partners, researchers, and experts. The open-ended artwork launches officially 1 July and will evolve over the course of 2020 with the active participation of kids across the EU. It is funded by the Federal Foreign Office on the occasion of the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2020 and realised in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut.

Logo des Projekts Generation A=Algorithmus Illustration: © Tobias Schrank

Generation A
The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Big data, algorithms and deep learning: artificial intelligence is everywhere nowadays and changing our daily lives. What potential does AI really offer and how can we work it safely into future society? The “Generation A = algorithm” project uses a variety of formats to explore these questions. The “Couch Lessons” series on Wednesdays, for example, takes an inside look at various uses of AI.

Logo of the project Europe's kitchen Illustration: © Daniela Burger

Europe’s Kitchen
Hospitality as the essence of Europe

What happens when we invite strangers to the table? Between August and December 2020, ten artists will reach out across borders to engage with citizens in ten different European cities and rethink Europe together. Where better to start than at the kitchen table?

Mizející zeď Foto (detail): Natalia Cheban

Disappearing Wall
European Diversity

The interactive wall installation “Disappearing Wall” combines quotes from European high and pop culture to demonstrate Europe’s diversity. From summer 2020, the striking installations can be seen in ten European countries.

Make Culture Count in European Policy

As a member of EUNIC, we commit to this statement!

Cultural relations strengthen the idea of a shared Europe, increasing its self-reflection towards a common awareness of joint values. Cultural relations are key in creating trust and understanding and a more peaceful world by bringing people together on a global scale.

EUNIC – European Union National Institutes for Culture

>> Read the full statement and discuss with us!

Europe and us

What is our position on Europe? What is Europe's position in the world? Two questions that are linked and their answers could overcome limits and borders.

Culture has no borders – and should never acquire them. © Pierre Alozie 2020

Statement of the Goethe-Institut UK on Brexit
Let’s remain friends!

Culture has no borders, this is what we believe at the Goethe-Institut. Yet Brexit could have consequences for the the British cultural sector and education system. We would like to share our official statement on Brexit with you and hear your thoughts!

Freiraum © Goethe-Institut

On the status of freedom in Europe

Physical distancing, border closings and surveillance have shaped the lives of Europeans during the coronavirus pandemic – freedoms have been restricted. What is the status of freedom in Europe today? This question will be the focus of the Freiraum Festival on 30 and 31 October.

Konferenzserie "Mehrsprachigkeit in Europa" Foto (fragment): Eric Berghen

Multilingualism in Europe: a series of conferences
Language Diversity in Europe

What part does multilingualism play in Europe? This is the subject of a series of conferences held by the Europanetzwerk Deutsch (European German Language Network) during the German EU Council Presidency. The first conference will be held on 8 and 9 October in Berlin, followed by events in Portugal and Slovenia, which will be assuming the presidency in the first and second half of 2021 respectively.

Europa – wie jetzt?! Illustration: © Tobias Schrank

Europe in Images
Together Rather Than Alone

What does the EU bring to our daily lives? In other words, what happens when a country no longer belongs to the EU? Answers from different perspectives – illustrated by illustrators from all over Europe.

Golden Oldies Foto: © Magda Ehlers

Songs that remind artists of Europe
European Songbook

The European Songbook is a collection of songs that people associate with Europe. As diverse and melodic as Europe itself are the songs and the inhabitants' views about their continent.

Europe - Open to debate

Europe as an idea, a concept, a "Staatenverbund": that's open to debate! Let's argue with each other – not against each other. And perhaps we will find common ground on this continent.

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