Constant Dullaart
The European Classes

Collecting Europe artist Constant Dullaart Photo: Karolina Spolniewski Leighton, Room 107

As artificial intelligence progresses, so-called ‘convolutional networks’ (ConvNets) now exist that can recognise objects within photographic images. Constant Dullaart has retrained these image recognition networks to focus purely on European images, creating an image dataset formed in collaboration with universities across Europe. He asks, ‘How can Europe’s diverse cultural entities be represented within these networks’ capacity to recognise, create and interact?’ The outcome will consist of terabytes of images that Dullaart hopes will represent the European collective identity in 2017.
Constant Dullaart was born in the Netherlands. He reflects on the cultural and social effects of communication and image processing technologies. His work includes websites, performances, fake armies and manipulated found images, presented both offline and in the public space of the Internet.