Thibaut de Ruyter
A Song for Europe

Collecting Europe artist Thibaut de Ruyter Photo: © Thibaut de Ruyter Sculpture - The Gilbert Bayes Gallery, Room 111

Thibaut de Ruyter took the track ‘A Song for Europe’ as his starting point for this project. Featured on the 1973 album Stranded by Roxy Music, its lyrics are in three languages: English, French and Latin. They contain the phrase ‘There is no more time for us’. Music, both underground and mainstream, has played an important role in the artist’s cultural education. It informs the content of this book, which contains lyrics, poems and texts that discuss the idea of Europe at a historical, ironic or personal level.

Thibaut de Ruyter is a French architect, curator and critic. He has lived and worked in Berlin since 2001.