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German Comedies

Fack ju Göhte
Fack ju Göhte | © 2013 Constantin Film GmbH / Christoph Assmann

Talking of German blockbusters, there is no genre more successful than comedies. If you look at the rental figures some of them are even more successful than big Hollywood productions. But it is quite a complex genre, at least in Germany. For a start you shouldn't mix up comedy with tragicomedy. The standard German comedy plays with cliches; it has a simple structure. Most important is its location. Most of the time these movies look like travel advertisements - their protagonists laugh and cry in front of Germany‘s biggest tourist attractions. The sun is always shining and of course there is a happy ending.
Tragicomedies on the other hand are much more complex and feed on the social context in which they play. Their dialogues are full of humour, irony and biting sarcasm. Most of the protagonists are people to whom the audience can easily relate. The stories take place in offices and flats. They reflect everyday life. Happy endings are not a given.
You have to prepare yourself for the broad humour of the world of German comedy which can sometimes also be a bit kitsch or coarse. The phrase ‘toilet humour‘ is not a meaningless metaphor for many German comedy authors, so expect jokes about sex, farts and more...

3 Zimmer/Küche/Bad
(>> VErsion with English subtitles)

45 Minuten bis Ramallah

Fack ju Goehte 1 (with English subtitles)

Fack ju Goehte 2 (with English subtitles)

Fack ju Goehte 3 (with English subtitles)

Finn und der Weg zum Himmel
(>> VErsion with English subtitles)

Der geilste Tag/The most beautiful day (with English subtitles)

König von Deutschland
(>> Version with English subtitles)

Die letzte Sau
(>> Version with English subtitles)

Lux – Krieger des Lichts
(>> Version with English subtitles)

Der Nanny/The manny (with English subtitles)

Vielmachglas/A jar full of life (with English subtitles)

Vier gegen die Bank/Four against the bank (with English subtitles)