M1 1AA

  • "Mamchester" 1 © Bastian Thiery
  • "Mamchester" 2 © Bastian Thiery
  • "Mamchester" 3 © Bastian Thiery
  • "Mamchester" 4 © Bastian Thiery
  • "Mamchester" 5 © Bastian Thiery
  • "Mamchester" 6 © Bastian Thiery
  • "Mamchester" 7 © Bastian Thiery
  • "Mamchester" 8 © Bastian Thiery
  • "Mamchester" 9 © Bastian Thiery

M1 1AA is the postcode of Manchester’s city centre. The city is developing at a rapid pace, and the same anonymous glass buildings that characterise cities worldwide, are popping up in Manchester’s city centre. A few kilometres away, residential areas are deteriorating. Starting out from the city centre, I spent a week approaching the suburbs to portray adolescents and other young people.
The 18-26 year-old voters played an ambivalent role in the Brexit referendum of 2016. On the one hand, the majority of this group voted to remain in the EU; on the other hand the turnout among the youngest voters was the lowest. How this generation that I also belong to thinks about its future was on my mind in Manchester, and this is why M1 1AA portrays a subjective image of their world.

Bastian Thiery © Amelie Kahn-Ackermann The Artist

Bastian Thiery, born in 1990, lives and works in Berlin. Following an undergraduate degree at ICP New York, he has been studying since 2015 at the Ostkreuz School in Berlin, where he is due to graduate in 2018.