The Black Pool

  • The Black Pool 12 © Miguel Brusch
  • The Black Pool 11 © Miguel Brusch
  • Black Pool 3 New © Miguel Brusch
  • The Black Pool 3 © Miguel Brusch
  • Black Pool 5 New © Miguel Brusch
  • The Black Pool 6 © Miguel Brusch

Blackpool on the coast of northern England is a city seeking for it's lost radiance. Fighting against decay for centuries, the city stages itself as a place for tourists and locals to escape their daily routine.

"The Black Pool" investigates the fine line between monotony and amusement, between illusion and disillusionment.

Miguel Brusch © Miguel Brusch The Artist

Miguel Brusch, born in Lohne in 1983, graduated from the University of Hamburg in 2013 with a degree in South Asian Studies and Media Studies. In 2015, following a year abroad spent in Montreal, Canada, he began studying at the Ostkreuz School of Photography. Miguel lives and works as a freelance photographer in Berlin.