Corinne Attwood

Corinne Attwood © Corinne Attwood Corinne Attwood works as a freelance German into English Translator. She studied German and Sociology at the University of Sussex and did a Post-Graduate Diploma in Vocational Techniques for Career Linguists (German and Italian) at the University of Kent in Canterbury. Afterwards she gained an MA in Travel and Tourism at Roehampton University and a Certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Sussex. She speaks Mandarin Chinese, French and Italian conversationally and German fluently.


Three questions to Corinne Attwood

Why did you choose to become a translator? Is it the profession you always wanted?

I chose to become a translator as I was fascinated by language, loved writing, and really enjoyed studying foreign languages, especially German. Although translating is the profession I primarily wanted to pursue, unfortunately it is very underrated, undervalued and underpaid in the UK and in English speaking countries in general, so I was only able to pursue it as a secondary occupation.
Which German book do you like the best and why?

I especially like the short stories of Thomas Mann, and particularly Tonio Kröger.
Is there a particular book you would like to translate?

I have no particular book in mind at present.

Selection of translated titles

  • Rolf Reichardt und Hubertus Kohle: Visualizing the Revolution: Politics and Pictorial Arts in Late Eighteenth-century France. London: Reaktion Books, 2008.
  • Annemarie Schimmel: The Empire of the Great Mughals: History, Art and Culture (Im Reich der Großmoguln. Geschichte, Kunst, Kultur). London: Reaktion Books, 2004.