John Brownjohn

John Brownjohn © John Brownjohn John Brownjohn is an experienced and versatile literary translator with almost 200 books to his credit. These range from popular bestsellers like The Night of the Generals and The Boat to the political memoirs of Willy Brandt and scholarly studies such as Martin Gregor-Dellin's definitive biography of Richard Wagner. His work has won him critical acclaim and numerous awards on both sides of the Atlantic, including the Schlegel-Tieck Prize (three times), the US Pen, and the Helen and Kurt Wolff Prize for Marcel Beyer's The Karnau Tapes amd Thomas Brussig's Heroes Like Us. In addition to co-writing several films with Roman Polanski, he has translated the filmscripts of many screenplays for French and German film production companies, among them Jean-Jacques Annaud's The Name of the Rose.

Selection of translated titles

  • Sulzer, Alain Claude: A Perfect Waiter (Perfekter Kellner). Bloomsbury, 2008
  • Moers, Walter: A Wild Ride Through the Night (Wilde Reise durch die Nacht). Overlook Press, 2008
  • Glavinic, Thomas: Night Work (Die Arbeit der Nacht). Canongate, 2008
  • Reiche, Dietlof: The Golden Hamster Saga (Freddy). Scholastic, 2006
  • Moers, Walter: City of Dreaming Books (Stadt der schlafenden Bücher). Harvill Secker, 2006
  • Klein, Georg: Libidissi (Libidissi). Picador, 2001
  • Brussig, Thomas: Heroes Like Us (Helden wie wir). Harvill Press, 1998
  • Safier, David: Bad Karma (Mieses Karma), Beaufoy, 2010
  • Jaumann, Bernhard: The Hour of the Jackal (Die Stunde des Schackels), Beaufoy, 2011
  • Capus, Alex: Almost Like Spring (Fast ein bißchen Frühling), Haus, 2012
  • Capus, Alex: Léon and Louise (Léon und Louise), Haus, 2012
  • Sulzer, Alain Claude: Catalyst (Aus den Fugen), Thames River, 2014
  • Fitzek, Sebastian: The Child (Das Kind), Little Brown, 2015
  • Giordano, Mario: Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions (Tante Poldi und die sizilianischen Löwen), Bitter Lemon, 2016
  • Capus, Alex: Life is Good (Das Leben ist gut), Haus, 2018