Jane Dewhurst

Jane Dewhurst © Jane Dewhurst Born in Preston, Lancashire in 1975, Jane Dewhurst studied Translation (English<->German, English<->French) in Cambridge and Berlin as well as Comparative Literature with a focus on the German language of the Middle-Ages. She worked in Germany and taught German in France during her studies.

She later worked as a translator for various German publishing houses where she was responsible for editing English material. Since 2002, she has also been working as a lecturer for Applied Languages, Translation and Cultural Studies at various universities in Germany and Switzerland. Alongside work on her own publications in the area of Linguistics, Jane Dewhurst works as a translator for specialised literature.


Three questions to Jane Dewhurst

Why did you chose to become a translator? Is it the profession you always wanted?

Not, not really. I was aiming for a job in the field of German Studies in England, while taking a keen interest in translation on the side. But it was only after I had changed my mind about my profession (I interrupted my PhD, moved to Germany and later Switzerland to work as an English lecturer) that translation became a possible side job.
Which German book do you like the best and why?

As a student I especially liked plays by Georg Büchner and Heinrich von Kleist. I am currently reading Sommerhaus, später by Judith Hermann with great delight. I can’t think of anything else!
Is there a particular book you would like to translate?

I would like to try my hand at translating children’s books such as Janosch or Die Karlchen-Geschichten by Rotraut Susanne Berner. The language used in children’s books is often surprisingly complicated. It contains a lot of dialogue, outdated expressions and omissions which have to be filled using one’s imagination. It is often extremely difficult to translate them idiomatically, as I realise every time I attempt to spontaneously translate German books for my son.

Selection of translated titles

  • Klaus Bergdolt: Wellbeing. A cultural history of healthy living (Leib und Seele). Polity Press, 2008
  • Ansgar und Vera Nünning: An introduction to the study of English and American literature (Grundkurs Literaturwissenschaft). Klett Sprachen, 2004