Graphic Novels from Germany

Barbara Yelin und Rosie Goldsmith © Goethe-Institut London

Based on true stories

Reinhard Kleist’s graphic novel An Olympic Dream and Barbara Yelin’s Irmina have two things in common: they tackle difficult topics and are based on true stories. Watch the interviews and find out what motivated these authors to create these illustrated novels.

In An Olympic Dream Reinhard Kleist tells the story of Samia Yusuf Omar, a refugee from Somalia who dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete to support her family -– but tragically dies trying on her journey to reach Europe.

Barbara Yelin’s Irmina takes inspiration from her grandmother’s life story. Set in the 1930s, it tells the story of a young German woman who ends her affair with a black student in London and returns to Germany after the political situation has changed due to the rise of Hitler.
What made the authors want to convey these particular stories? And what happened after their publication? Watch the interviews with BBC journalist Rosie Goldsmith and find out!

Barbara Yelin © Goethe-Institut

Interview with Barbara Yelin

Reinhard Kleist © Goethe-Institut

Interview with Reinhard Kleist