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Europe Talks 2021 - Was Brexit worth it?

Europe Talks 2021 - Was Brexit worth it? © Goethe-Institut London

Europe Talks invites people from all over Europe to engage in cross-border debates to tackle controversial topics such as immigration, the universal basic income and climate change. The project aims to use the power of conversation to create a space for dialogue and fight polarisation. Together with My Country Talks and our UK partner The Mirror we were partnering up for the 2021 edition of Europe Talks for a very special conversation on Seat #12 by artist Jenny Brockmann in our library: "Was Brexit worth it?"

More than 16.000 participants from across the continent signed up for the border-bustling online event Europe Talks this year, supported by the Federal Foreign Office, the European Cultural Foundation, the Allianz Kulturstiftung for Europe and Fondation Hippocrene.

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