Europe Illustration (detail): © Tobias Schrank

The tension between national consciousness and European community, the gap between city and country as well as divided generations – these ambivalent feelings, conflicts of identity and the divided view of Europe are particularly noticeable in the United Kingdom. That is why we want to reflect more on the current state and the future challenges of Europe. What does "Europe" mean? What are "European" identities? And what can cultural work contribute to create a common Europe?


Projects on the Occasion of the EU Council Presidency

Keep the UK in the Creative Europe Programme!

A Creative Europe grant brings the opportunity to build networks and form relationships for future work, but it is also a chance to develop empathy and understanding of people outside of our own ever decreasing echo chambers. It is a vehicle to build community and a vehicle to promote peace and prosperity.


Europe and us

What is our position on Europe? What is Europe's position in the world? Two questions that are linked and their answers could overcome limits and borders.

Europe - Open to debate

Europe as an idea, a concept, a "Staatenverbund": that's open to debate! Let's argue with each other – not against each other. And perhaps we will find common ground on this continent.

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