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Goethe-Institut film archive Photo: Goethe-Institut/Bernhard Ludewig
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in Kürze steht der neue verbesserte Filmkatalog zur Verfügung.

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Our collection contains a comprehensive survey of German film history, from expressionist films to the most recent features of contemporary German cinema.
All films are stored at the Goethe-Institut Boston and are available on digital format (DVD and blue ray). The discs have English, Spanish and almost always German subtitles. The films are available for rental for non-commercial screenings by all cultural and educational institutions within the United States. Films cannot be rented to individuals. 
In the online catalogue, you will find a short synopsis as well as information on the stylistic and historical context of the films. These texts are written by renowned film critics and can be used for program announcements free of charge. All texts are available in German, English and Spanish. 

We also offer the following services:    

- Suggestions for retrospectives on a certain subject or filmmaker
- Film screenings in the auditorium of the Goethe-Institut Boston (DVD and 16mm)
- Rentals of the Goethe-Institut Boston Auditorium

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