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A Home for Nessie

In the wake of Brexit, many people are unsure about their residence status. Many feel disempowered and alienated. They don’t know whether they will have to leave the UK and, if so, where they will be going to. With support from the Goethe-Institut Glasgow, the project A Home for Nessie responds to Brexit in a very unique way and has already aroused quite a lot of attention.

Concerned about the consequences Brexit will have on individuals, the artists of The Doing Group (Glasgow/Helsinki) decided to assist one specific individual whose origins remain to this day unclear but who nevertheless is one of, if not the national icon of Scotland: the beloved, world-famous and yet mysteriously unknown Nessie..

Being of unclear descent and without official British citizenship, will Nessie be allowed to stay in the UK after Brexit? Having lived in Scotland for many years, her contribution to society and her importance both culturally and financially are beyond all dispute. Assisting Nessie with the paperwork, the artists filled in and submitted her application for permanent residence. Unfortunately her residence status was refused.

Now The Doing Group is searching for a new, safe home and environment for the beloved Loch Ness Monster. They have called people from all around the world to suggest a new home – a lake where Nessie can live in good and safe conditions. 

Perhaps you know of a decent new home for her?